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Preemptive measures towards the containment of coronavirus

Having as our main priority, the protection of the health of our visitors, as well as our associates and employees and endorsing the state’s efforts to contain the virus COVID-19, we announce that we have already taken all the necessary preemptive measures in order to fully sustain the mall’s operations.

The above decision was made with great sense of responsibility and concern for the public health by the Management of MYMALL Limassol.

For this reason and in an effort to assist the containment of the virus, we have taken the following measures:
  1. Cleaning services are using cleaning materials with high concentration of alcohol.
  2. Antiseptic gel dispensers for public use have been placed throughout the building.
  3. Areas of high physical contact such as elevator buttons, switches and escalator handles are being disinfected at regular intervals.
  4. Air handling units have been switched to fresh-air-intake only in the common areas, in order to circulate and pump fresh air in the building as much as possible.
  5. Staff members of all shops have been instructed to follow the hygiene guidelines as provided by the Ministry of Health. 

In addition, we are closely monitoring all developments, as well as the Ministry of Health’s directives and will continue to do so in order to be prepared to act proactively on all new contingencies.

We would like to clarify that, based on the Ministry of Health’s directive, the limit of 75 persons does not apply to the mall, as well as to areas of short-haul traffic, such as shopping malls, supermarkets and other places where visitors will constantly move and will not remain stable in the same area for long periods of time.

At the same time, we invite our guests to:

  1. Adhere the basic hygiene rules and use all relevant products for health protection.
  2. Remain calm and avoid panic.
  3. If they have traveled to countries with confirmed cases within the last two weeks or have any flu symptoms, to be restricted at home.
  4. Make cashless payments where possible (contactless card).

We would like to thank our staff and visitors for the understanding and cooperation.
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